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Solid Step Cote Level 2 contains a fine aggregate that will provide great slip resistance in areas that become slippery due to a wet floor.  

SolidStepCote replaces antiquated non slip treatment products such as non slip mats, non skid shoes, non skid stickers, and non slip tape, which are perfect breeeding grounds for bacteria and mold.  It will not harm the flooring material and it can be easily removed with our green cleaner/stripper Ecokleanz.

A paint brush, short nap roller, or low pressure air sprayer is used to safely and easily apply SolidStepCote. It dries quickly and there are no harsh chemicals or toxic fumes, and depending on traffic will last one to several years before reapplication is required. 

SolidStepCote is perfect on concrete, travertine, pavers, fiberglass, glass, granite, marble, metal, plastic, vinyl, porcelain, slate, ceramic tiles and wood. 

One Quart will treat up to 100 sq ft.

One Gallon will treat up to 350 sq ft.

Five Gallons will treat up to 2000 sq ft.

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