Slip Zero - Porcelain Tub - Gallon

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Slip Resistant Solutions product for porcelain bathtubs has been used in homes, hotels, and even US Embassies since 1981 to make porcelain bathtubs non slip. Hotels and group home facilities love our gallon offering of our porcelain bathtub non slip product as it treats up to 40 bathtubs quickly and easily. Order 10 or more gallons and receive $10 off each gallon! 

Our bathtub treatment product will create an anti slip texture on the floor surface of your porcelain tubs in 4 minutes.  This unique product will improve slip resistance without altering the look or life of your porcelain bathtubs.  There will be no change to your ongoing maintenance of the tubs.  Take the additional step to secure your liability with Slip Resistant Solutions' bathtub treatment product for porcelain bathtubs! 

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