Slip Zero - Level 3 - Gallon

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Slip Zero Level 3 is formulated to improve friction on commercial kitchen floor tile, or Quarry tile.  This extremely durable, hardened, tile is often slippery in commercial kitchens when grease is present, and this unique formula, which has been in use since 1981, is engineered to improve friction so your employees can manuver safely.  We recommend the use of our cleaner degreaser prior to and after treatment with Slip Zero Level 3 to keep the grease layer away.

The changes to your floor will be invisible to the naked eye, the surface will have a greater coefficient of friction reducing the likelyhood of a slip and fall accident. The process is simple, requires standard tools that you may already have on hand, and takes very little time to complete. This is the best slip resistant treatment for tile, especially polished tile or stone!

Key Benefits:

  • Increases slip resistance preventing slip and falls
  • Affordable solution at less than 25 cents per Sq ft
  • Permanent anti slip solutions on any polished tile, stone, and/or porcelain
  • No diluting necessary, easy to apply
  • Floors ready for use immediately after treatment

The Process:

Apply the product to the tile surface for a period of just a few minutes, then neutralize and rinse. Our neutralizer is used to stop the treatment process in a controlled manner and should be used with any tile or stone treatment product such as this. One pack of neutralizer will ship with each gallon purchased.


Each Gallon will treat up to 400 sq feet.

6.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
160.00 Ounces

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