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Ceramic tile dresses up a kitchen, bathroom or showroom like nothing else but it's a slip and fall accident waiting to happen. Worry no more! Now you can enjoy its beautiful style and have slip resistant tiles, wet or dry, with Slip Resistant Solutions' easy-to-use ceramic tile floor treatment, Slip Zero.

  • One gallon treats up to 400 square feet
  • Neutralizer is included in the shipment
  • The treatment lasts indefinitely
  • Ships within 24 hours
  • Costs $89.00 per gallon or $79.00 for more than ten gallons

Each floor surface has unique characteristics so the non slip product you use should be unique, too. Slip Resistant Solutions' Slip Zero Level 2 is specifically designed to give you non slip ceramic tile and showers. The chemical strength and application instructions are custom-made for ceramic tile to make sure you get great results while maintaining the look and shine you love-plus it really lasts. Have problems with greasy buildup? Use our Slip Resistant Solutions Hard Surface Floor Cleaner-Degreaser before and after you apply the treatment and get non slip floor tiles without all the elbow grease.

Slip Resistant Solutions' non slip floor tile products are a cinch to use and come with complete instructions. Just test, apply, neutralize and rinse. It's that easy. Your non slip ceramic tile floor is now ready to enjoy-and it lasts for many, many years.