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Treating slippery tile is a simple and effective option, which will deliver long-lasting results. While there are other anti slip tile treatment products out there, our Safety Floor Treatment is the only product engineered to do this without compromising the looks of your floor.

Our proven process for creating non slip floor tiles or stone involves the use of a neutralizer (free with each gallon), which is used to stop the process over the entire floor in a controlled manner. This part of the process is critical when aesthetics are of concern. Stopping the process over the entire treatment area with neutralizer will guarantee even treatment, and keep your floor from being over-treated in some areas.

When a treatment like this is done without neutralizer, the product will continue to react with the tile as it is being diluted and rinsed away. This results in an uneven treatment as different concentrations of product are present on the floor during the rinse.

When you use our product with our free neutralizer you are taking control over the entire process. A must for anyone concerned about aesthetics after non slip treatment of tile or stone.