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When it comes to putting money back into the company, many business owners and management members neglect a valuable investment – workplace safety.

Implementing a safety plan for your business is conducive for a productive and healthy workforce; not adhering to one could affect the livelihood of the entire organization. According to OSHA, occupational injuries cost businesses approximately $170 billion. If you’re a business owner and you believe you’re exempt from such a costly catastrophe, be prepared to fork over those hard earned profits. Or, perhaps you’d like to go a safer route, one that protects your company and those who give their time every day to make it a success.

Whether your company employs two or 2,000, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or shoe repair business, safety is king in every industry. Here are three benefits that come with being a safety oriented organization.

  • Reduced costs. The reason many companies don’t spend on safety measures is due to the upfront costs associated. But in the long run, enhanced workplace safety can reduce the cost of workers’ compensation insurance, reduce the cost of overtime pay/temporary hires while an injured worker recuperates, and reduce or eliminate direct medical expenses due to workplace injury. In some cases where a company is found negligent, a costly lawsuit may also damage a business’ bottom line and/or brand reputation.
  • Less stress. When a company temporarily loses a coworker due to injury, everyone feels the pain. Management must now fill the spot with a reliable, worthy candidate to successfully complete the injured worker’s tasks. This often requires other workers taking on additional hours and duties, which may reduce productivity and overall quality of product. For management, this act of shuffling and focusing on personnel keeps you from performing essential day-to-day functions.
  • Better morale. A worker who knows his or her environment is healthy and safe is a happy one. Not only do safe workplaces keep workers coming back, they enhance the relationship between management and employees. No one wants to work for a boss or company who doesn’t care about his or her overall well-being. A healthy worker brings home a steady paycheck for the family. An injury can disrupt a family’s schedule and routine. So in a sense, a healthy work environment can equate to a healthy home life.

Think of workplace safety as an extra level of insurance for your business. Protect your people, protect your property, and reap the benefits of a safer working community. For information on how Slip Resistant Solutions can increase floor safety for your commercial property or small business, visit or call us at 1-800-741-4024.