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Hard surfaces that are sealed with a sealer present an unforeseen slip hazard in areas where water might be present. The coefficient of friction on a typical sealant (when wet) is far lower than ADA recommendation of .6. That being said, sealing these surfaces is often necessary to prevent premature wear of the surface, and also to prevent staining or discoloration of the surface itself.  

In cases where a sealer is already present we recommend SolidStepCote to be applied directly over the existing sealer. SolidStepCote is available in a gloss or matte finish and cures to a gritty texture (available in four levels of slip resistance). This coating can be used indoors or outdoors, and will last from one to several years depending on the type of traffic it is exposed to. Typically the SolidStepCote will bond well to a fresh sealant, but if your sealant has aged you should consider using a bonding agent such as Unibond 110 to enhance the bond to the surface.

In cases where a sealer has not yet been applied to the surface you can use SolidStepCote as the sealer and skip the additional cost of sealing with a traditional sealer. In this case we always recommend using the Unibond 110 bonding agent.

Sample bottles of these products are available! Treat yourself to peace of mind and eliminate that dangerous slippery surface!