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Entryways represent one of the most dangerous areas for slip and fall related injury. Designed for tracking in rain or snow from the outdoors, these areas typically employ hard surface flooring options such as tile, stone, hardwood, or vinyl. These surfaces are notoriously slippery when wet, but they can be treated in one of two ways to make them non-slip, while preserving the aesthetic qualities of the flooring materials.

Option 1 – Tile or Stone entryways – Tile and stone can be chemically treated to improve the friction on the surface without changing the appearance at all. These unique products are specially engineered for a variety of tile and stone surfaces. This process creates a microscopic abrasion on the surface of the tile which increases traction, but cannot be seen with the naked eye. This option is great for any natural tile or stone that isn’t sealed with a sealer.

Option 2 – Hardwood, sealed tile, or vinyl – All other types of surfaces can be coated with a specialized non-slip sealer that will both protect the surface and deliver great non-slip results. This product is available in four levels of slip resistance to provide just the right results for any environment. This option is great for virtually any type of hard surface.

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