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Many home and business owners choose travertine as their decking material of choice for a variety of reasons. While other surfaces absorb the sun’s rays, travertine is known as the cooler option under foot – an especially helpful benefit around pool and outdoor decking areas. While it’s a little more expensive than concrete, travertine tile and travertine pavers are the affordable, durable option for deck owners who crave that natural stone look. The downside: many travertine surfaces can be a slip and fall accident waiting to happen. But there is an affordable DIY solution to turn your travertine pool deck into family- and guest-friendly non slip flooring.

Is your travertine tile covered with non slip mats to protect your family and friends from slip and fall accidents? It’s time to lift up those mats and show off those gorgeous outdoor surfaces!

Sealed travertine. For sealed travertine, check out SolidStepCote, which acts as a clear anti slip paint to coat and protect your beloved surface and those who walk on it. Available in four levels of non skid protection and the choice of matte or gloss, SolidStepCote Level 3 and SolidStepCote Level 4 offer the highest level of slip resistance for water-prone travertine. For oil based or solvent based sealer, use SolidStepCote non slip paint along with Unibond 110, a special bonding agent which delivers long-lasting results. (See how to apply this product here.)

Unsealed travertine. For unsealed travertine, Slip Zero Level 2 offers microscopic etching to gently create anti slip decking for your home or business. This affordable DIY treatment will make subtle changes to your travertine decking, changes that won’t be seen by the naked eye. (Please note, if you intend to seal your travertine surface you will be covering up the slip resistant benefits of this treatment. For those who intend to seal, we recommend the SolidStepCote product mentioned above.)

We offer solutions to turn your slippery tiles into anti skid tiles, no matter the material. For more info, visit or call us at 1-800-741-4024.