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How to treat a slippery swimming pool deck

We’ve helped thousands of customers enjoy their beautiful pool without the anxiety that comes along with knowing your pool deck is slippery. Our products for slippery swimming pool decks will eliminate slip and fall hazards without sacrificing on aesthetics!

Pool decks that are made of unsealed travertine, ceramic tile, or any other natural tile or stone can be chemically treated with Slip Zero to improve slip resistance without changing the appearance of the material at all. This treatment will last for decades because it is not a coating, but instead it makes the surface of your pool deck have a microscopic texture where the risk of slip and fall accidents are greatly reduced.

These same pool deck surfaces, and any other surfaces can be coated with our SolidStepCote, which will provide a gritty texture in a clear gloss or matte finish coating. This beautiful non-slip sealer will enhance the looks of any material while delivering peace of mind for pool owners who are dealing with a slippery swimming pool! This coating is UV stable and will last one to several years depending on the type of traffic that it is exposed to.

Take a look at our full line of anti skid treatment products which will reduce liability, improved safety, and won’t compromise the looks of your beautiful floors, pool, walkway, or patio.