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Slip Resistant Solutions has been treating slippery wet tile since 1981. Over that period of time we have perfected the methods of improving wet floor safety by treating all different slick floor types with the right product.

Slip Resistant Solutions offers TWO different types of non slip floor treatment. Both product types are designed so that homeowners and business owners can do the treatment themselves. Both types of anti skid products are easy to use. You will just need to determine which is the best for your floor material and then follow the directions.

The first product is a chemical abrasion product, called Slip Zero. This non slip product can be used on any unsealed tile or stone surface. This is a microscopic etching process that does not change the appearance of the tile, but does change the coefficient of friction so that the tile will then be non slip tile. Each type of tile is different and our products are mixed to the appropriate level for specific tile surfaces such as polished marble, or ceramic, or quarry tile.

The second product line is a clear anti slip coating that is painted on the surface. This anti slip paint can go on any surface even if it has a sealer on it.

Avoiding slip and fall injuries is imperative at home and in business. Taking the correct measures to treat slippery wet tile that you already know is slippery when wet, will help you avoid law suits. At least it will help you defend yourself. If you know that your tile is slippery or if anyone has fallen in the past you will be wide open to a law suit if you don't take care of the problem.

The treatment on the tile will be long lasting if it is cleaned properly and no build up of any other products is allowed to accumulate on the tile.
We sell products that clean and degrease tile floors.

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