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Slip and fall accidents represent the most costly and common type of workplace injury for employers across all industries. When you combine out of pocket costs with days away from work due to injury, it’s no wonder that organizations everywhere are taking action when it comes to slippery surfaces. Savvy safety personnel know that treating the surface is the best preventative step an organization can take to reducing slip and fall accidents. Here, we will discuss a few of the high tech treatment options available for some of the more common slippery situations out there.

Unsealed Tile – Unsealed tile floors can be chemically treated to improve friction without compromising the look of the tile.

Why unsealed? A sealer prevents the product from coming into contact with the elements in the tile. Because the treatment product only interacts with certain elements on the tile surface, the product must contact the tile directly to improve the friction.

This treatment process is simple and can be performed by staff on hand with common tools such as a mop and bucket and/or a garden sprayer. Once complete, the floor can be walked on immediately and the results will last for decades. These treatment products are great for polished stone/tile, polished porcelain tile, ceramic tile, unpolished porcelain tile, and any other natural stone or tile product.

Stairs and Landings – Stairs and landings can be treated with a non-slip sealant such as SolidStepCote. Available in four different “grit” levels, SolidStepCote comes in either clear gloss or matte finishes. Hard surface stairs and landings near entryways into the building cause a significant number of slip and fall accidents. Carpets and warning signs often adorn these hazardous stairwells, but without treatment the stairs will eventually claim their next victim. Use the appropriate level of SolidStepCote to suit the environment. In sandpaper terms, it comes in 400 grit (level 1), 200 grit (level 2), 100 grit (level 3), and 50 grit (level 4). The beautiful finish of SolidStepCote will enhance the look of your stairs while delivering slip-and-fall prevention.

Engineered with simplicity in mind, SolidStepCote is applied with a paint roller, sprayer, or foam brush. The coating will last from one to several years depending on traffic levels. Use Unibond 110 to improve bonding where needed.

SolidStepCote can be also be applied to:

Bathroom floors, break rooms, kitchen floors, outdoor patios, hallways, sealed tile floors, concrete (sealed or unsealed), etc.

Take a moment to think about the areas in your workplace. Are there any that could use treatment? Prevention costs for slip and fall injuries are pennies on the dollar. Call us at 727.507.7777 if you have any questions about how to treat your slippery floors.