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Tile and stone represent one of the most practical flooring materials available today, and they bring such amazing beauty into our homes and businesses. These fabulous materials can stand up to high traffic, spills, weather, sunshine, and just about anything else you can throw at them. It’s no wonder why these materials have been so popular for so long. Many property owners never have a problem with their tile or stone flooring becoming a slip and fall hazard, but those that do have the problem know just how dangerous this situation can be! Luckily, slippery tile and/or stone can be turned into non slip flooring with science!

Our Slip Zero was specifically engineered to treat all kinds slippery tile and stone. In just a few minutes this product creates a microscopic abrasion thereby creating non slip floor tiles or stone. Let’s take a high level look at the non skid treatment process!

Step 1: Treat a small area on your floor to determine exactly how long the product will need to dwell on the tile to achieve the desired COF. (Full instructions included with product)

Step 2: Spread the product over an area that you can cover within the amount of time determined in step 1.

Step 3: Neutralize the area with our included neutralizer, rinse, and dry the now non slip tile.

This process will not change the way the tile or stone looks, and it will not impact the maintenance or cleaning of the floor.

Developed in 1981, this anti slip tile treatment product has been used all over the world to improve safety, without compromising aesthetics. Discover why Disney, The Smithsonian, US Embassies, and many more institutions trust Slip Resistant Solutions with their slippery tile floors!