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Travertine is a natural stone that is porous enough to trap contaminates and can become discolored, if not sealed. Fortunately, discolored or stained travertine can be cleaned and restored to its original beauty. The right contractor can grind and polish discolored travertine to bring back that unique bright stone that you originally installed! A Google search for stone restoration companies in your area should turn up a few options.

Once restored, you will need to seal the travertine to prevent future discoloration. Sealing travertine with SolidStepCote will not only preserve your newly restored travertine, but it also provides excellent slip resistance for areas around pools, on patios, or anywhere that water may be present. Many of our customers have sealed their travertine with a traditional sealer only to find out how slippery that surface can be when water is introduced. Skip the additional cost and frustration of sealing your deck twice and use SolidStepCote.  We recommend also using Unibond 110 (primer) in this type of application for long lasting results.  

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