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According to statistics, there are over 200,000 slip and fall accidents per year in the bathroom. Most folks are disgusted by moldy shower mats that collect fungus, bacteria, skin cells, etc., and they don't want to cover up their beautiful tile shower floor! We have anti slip products that will work in any shower, and you won't have to sacrifice on the appearance of your shower.

Non Slip Shower Tile Treatment

Slippery tile shower floors can be fixed by using Slip Resistant Solutions' Slip Zero. This is a microscopic chemical abrasion process that will not be visible to the eye. Slip Resistant Solutions Products will create a tread pattern that will raise the coefficient of friction on the mineral surface of the shower floors.

Non Slip Sealer for slippery shower floors

Alternatively to the tile treatment product mentioned above, we have a non slip sealer that dries to a crystal clear gritty texture to enhance the safety in your shower. Simply roll this product onto your slippery shower floor and allow it to cure for 24 hours. The non slip results will last for years, and you won't have to sacrifice the looks of the floor. This kit will treat up to 25 sq ft and includes the pan and roller needed to make this process extremely simple.

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