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You can treat slippery tile to improve the coefficient of friction without changing the look of the tile. The process is simple, permanent, affordable, and the tile is ready for use immediately after treating. Our tile treatment formula is available in three concentrations to suit any tile, from the most reflective polished surfaces to the hard working commercial kitchen floor.

How it works: Our tile treatment product creates a chemical reaction with certain minerals in the tile surface. The longer you leave the product on the tile, the more slip resistance you will achieve. When you have achieved satisfactory slip resistance you will stop the reaction with our neutralizer (included) and then simply rinse the product away. Nothing remains on the tile surface, and the tile is permanently changed for the better.

You can treat 350 – 400 square feet of tile with one gallon ($89.00). With our tile treatment product line, you can eliminate slippery tile indoors or outdoors, permanently and affordably. Give us a call if you have any questions.