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Polished stone surfaces have such a timeless look, and their reflective quality really lights up a room. These materials, however, can be quite slippery due to their highly polished surface. 

In order to maintain the beautiful appearance of these types of floors and deliver an effective non slip tile treatment , Slip Resistant Solutions has engineered a product specifically for slippery polished surface stone floors. When using our Slip Zero - Level 1 you can rest assured that your floors will remain beautiful, but will now be anti slip flooring.

Non Slip Treatment for Slippery Polished Stone and Tile

The process is easy, and the non skid results will last a lifetime.  Go to our Slip Zero - Level 1 page to learn more about this unique product, and to watch a video of the application process.  Hundreds of customers have used our polished surface product to treat their slippery floors, and they are all satisfied with the look of their new non skid polished surface floors!