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Ceramic tile has earned a place in our homes and business due to it's natural beauty, low cost, and high durability! Millions of homes and businesses all over the world have ceramic tile floors. Ceramic tile is commonly used in areas where water might be present because the tile is impervious to moisture, where wood or carpet will eventually fail in these environments.

Most homeowners and business owners who have ceramic tiles have experienced what a little bit of water can do to the coefficient of friction between your bare foot or shoe and the tile. It can create a slip and fall hazard and walking can become quite hazardous. Keeping the floor clean and dry isn't always possible in these environments either. So, what can be done to create non slip floor tiles out of your slippery ceramic floor?

Slip Resistant Solutions has a Ceramic Tile Treatment Product that will change your tile into non slip tile, while maintaining the beautiful appearance of the tile surface. Treating your ceramic tile floor to make it non skid is a simple and safe process that requires no heavy lifting, no special tools, and the product includes specific instructions to get you through the entire process! This product has been in use on slippery ceramic tiles since 1981 and we have thousands of satisfied customers! Once treated, the surface of your ceramic tile will remain non slip for decades with proper cleaning and maintenance!

With Slip Resistant Solutions, you'll get the job done right the first time!  We're here to help!

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