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For decades safety organizations have listed steps to reduce slip and fall injuries, and the slip and fall statistics show that these efforts have done little to reduce these workplace injuries. The “traditional” steps to reducing slip and falls are excellent, but there is always one step missing from the list: treat the slippery floors too! Innovations in non-slip products designed to improve coefficient of friction on floors have allowed thousands business owners rest a little easier knowing that the common slip and fall denominator, the floor, has been improved as well.

Slip Resistant Solutions, Inc. has developed a line of tile treatment products engineered to improve friction without damaging the appearance of the tile. The process of treating your tile floor takes as long as mopping the floor does, and the results will last for decades. There is no coating, the product is rinsed away during the treatment process, and it will not alter the color of the tile, or the grout. The surface will be noticeably slip-resistant when complete. If you have unsealed tile, this treatment option is the most affordable long-term solution available.

For non-slip treatment of any other surfaces we have an excellent line of coating products, which are simply painted onto the target surface, called SolidStepCote. These coatings are available in four levels of slip resistance providing a solution for any situation. When cured, the coatings have a gritty texture, which greatly improves friction. It is available in clear gloss, or matte to suit any flooring aesthetics requirements. Areas that are constantly wet or greasy, such as manufacturing lines, processing plants, and restaurant kitchens would benefit from level 4. Areas that are sometimes wet such as entryways, stairs, bathrooms, break rooms, office kitchens, would benefit from level 3. Any floors that are simply slippery when dry would benefit from level 2. Surfaces that need to be sealed with a non-slip sealer for protection of the floor itself would benefit from level 1.

We also carry epoxy non-slip coatings, and paint on non-slip coatings for grab bars, handrails, and swimming pool ladders.

As you can see, there are products available to treat the floors, no matter what type of floor you have. Follow the safety organization’s guidelines, but add another level of prevention. Slip Resistant Solutions has everything you will need, including the expert advice for your situation!