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Each year thousands of older Americans slip and fall at home. It is easy to avoid slip and fall accidents by taking some simple slip and fall prevention measures.

There are many simple things that can be done to make the home or business safer.

Of course, we recommend that all hard surface floors and porcelain bathtubs be treated to make them slip resistant. This can be done with the use of our many floor treatment products and our non slip bathtub product.

But there are many other safety measures that can be taken

Prevention of slip and falls In a business: (Slip and falls can be very expensive in terms of insurance)

  • Choose flooring that is smooth without being slippery (or fix it)
  • Make sure that there is not an elevation change in the floor.
  • Test your floor for the COF (coefficient of friction). It should be at least .50 as a minimum standard.
  • Flooring near doors or exits should be measured to a higher level even when wet because of rain or snow being tracked in on shoes.
  • Never use products that combin floor cleaners and wax where pedestrians will be walking.
  • Educate employees about the proper shoe selection for the work environment.
  • Stairways can be a major source of general liability claims. Irregular stairs, busy floor patterns, poor illumination, slippery steps, bad handrails, articles left on stairways or loose floor coverings can all contribute to accidents.
  • Walkways should be smooth without being slippery. They should be level and free of debris. Puddles should not be allowed to collect in case of ice or rain.
  • Ramps should have a coefficient of friction of .8 or higher. This can be accomplished with chemical treatment, brushed concrete, or friction tape.
  • Parking lot surfaces should be regular and smooth to avoid slip and fall accidents.
  • Speed bumps can be a tripping hazard in parking lots. They should be painted a bright yellow.
  • Parking lots should be well illuminated.
  • Wheel stops should be painted a bright yellow. They should not extend into the walkway.

Prevention of Slip and Fall at Home:

  • Make sure there is a clear walking pathway around furniture.
  • Use a non slip area rug
  • Keep items such as magazines, shoes, or other objects off the floor.
  • Coil or tape wires next to the wall so people won't trip over them.
  • Do not collect objects on the stairway.
  • Make sure the stairway is lighted.
  • Have a lightswitch at both the top and the bottom of the stairs.
  • Make sure handrails are secure.
  • Use our Non Slip Bathtub Treatment
  • Install grab bars in the shower or the bathtub
  • Make sure the light by the bed can be reached.
  • Treat any slippery hard surface floor with one of our slip resistant products.