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How much has your business lost to days away from work caused by workplace injury? I dare you to run the numbers. This silent profit killer is present in every workplace environment in the world. Each and every workplace safety study indicates slip and fall incidents as one of the leading causes of employees missing work due to injury. When you tally up the days away and factor in direct injury costs you will find a pot of gold slipping through the cracks. The good news is you can take action!

Slip and fall incidents can be prevented with our anti slip treatment product line engineered to treat the cause of the problem, the floor… With a formula for every situation, we can help you stop workplace slip and fall incidents, and reduce your liability to boot.  From anti slip tile treatment to non skid paint, we've got you covered!

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer support! If you have questions about how Slip Resistant Solutions can help you solve a problem please give us a call at 727.507.7777! Visit our website at