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Slip-and-fall hazards are everywhere, but what many people don’t realize, is that the most likely place that you will slip is in your own home. Identifying and treating slip-and-fall hazards in your home is one of the best steps you can take to continuing your independent lifestyle. The most common injuries in a slip and fall accident are head and hip injuries, both of which will end the independent living option for most slip-and-fall victims. Below are the most common areas in the home where a slip-and-fall hazard could exist.

Bathtub – Coming in at number one, the slippery bathtub represents the biggest threat for slips and falls in the entire home. Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all hard surfaces that are always wet when in use. Grandma used stickers and disgusting bathmats that nobody wanted to touch to correct this problem. Luckily, advancements in non slip technology allow you to solve the slippery problem in slippery bathtubs or slippery showers, without compromising on aesthetics – or touching grandma’s bathmat!

Tile bathroom flooring – Tile in the bathroom has been popular since the ancient roman era, and slip and falls have been happening on tile bathroom floors since then, as well. The tile bathroom floor represents a hazard because it is often wet, but also because of the awkward movements one makes while climbing into and out of the bathtub or shower. Slippery tile bathroom floors can be treated with Slip Zero to deliver non slip bathroom tile for decades,and the aesthetics of the tile will not be altered.

Tile Patios/Decks – When dry, tile patios and decks offer a calming place in the home ideal for entertaining, or just relaxing after a long day. When wet, tile patios and decks are a slip and fall nightmare for anyone to traverse. Don’t spoil that beautiful tile patio with ugly non slip grip tape trying to create a safer space! You can treat that slippery patio or deck Slip Zero without changing the look of the tile, and the resulting anti skid tile will last for decades to come!

Stone pool decking – Exotic pool decking such as travertine is such an amazing addition to any pool landscaping. The dramatic looks of exotic stone bring life and color to a pool area, but unfortunately, the contractors that install this stone often seal it with common stone sealers that are not ideal around a pool, or the stone is just slippery by nature. Our clear non slip sealer, SolidStepCote, contains an aggregate and cures to a gritty texture which improves friction immensely, even when wet. Available in a high-gloss finish, this anti slip sealer will complement the aesthetics of the stone, while delivering peace of mind for any pool owner!

Tile entrances – Tile is such a practical choice at the entrances around the home because it is durable and can get wet when water is tracked in on the bottom of shoes. However, when water is tracked in, these areas can become extremely hazardous. Treating your slippery tile with Slip Zero means never worrying about watching your guests slip and fall as they enter your home. Turn your slippery tile into non slip tile in just a few minutes and enjoy the anti skid results for decades to come!

Garage floors – Polished concrete garage floors offer a surface that is easy to clean when your car relinquishes some of its fluids, or when dirty water drips off after a slushy drive home, but that polished surface also creates a slip hazard when wet. Slipper garage floors can be treated with a clear, non slip sealer called SolidStepCote. Using this clear anti skid paint will allow you to walk confidently across your garage floor! Available in a Matte finish, this non-slip sealer can hide some of the oil stains of years past, delivering an updated fresh look and safety for visitors entering through the garage.

Kitchen – Last, but not least, the kitchen is the most heavily used room in the house, and with grease and water in the area, things can get very slippery. Even healthy cooking creates a grease layer on kitchen floors. Typical household floor cleaners do very little to remove this grease, and old mops end up redistributing grease throughout the entire floor. Our cleaner/degreaser will remove the grease layer completely and get those floors back to clean status. Once cleaned, tile floors can be treated to improve friction, and other materials can be sealed with a non-slip sealer.

We have the non slip solutions you need!  Take a moment to evaluate your home for slip-and-fall hazards and if you have any questions about treating an area please give us a call! We are here to help you prevent slip-and-fall accidents!