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What are soft on top, have a rough tread on the bottom and are designed to prevent harmful slip and fall accidents? If you think you know what wonderful wardrobe addition we’re referring to, you’re right! They are non slip socks.

Thought to be an affordable way to keep people of every age safe from slippery floors in the home, non skid socks do have their limits. Before you buy yourself, your children or that special senior citizen in your life this form of fashionable apparel, consider another affordable option that keeps everyone (not just the sock-wearer) safe!

A better option in the bathroom. Chances are, you won’t be wearing your non slip socks as you prepare to bathe, and especially not as you step into the tub or shower. This is especially important for older adults and seniors, who often find it difficult to move around in this slippery, water-prone area. Skip the socks and go with an anti slip paint treatment or microscopic abrasion treatment from the no slip professionals at Slip Resistant Solutions. These products are designed to increase the coefficient of friction on your bathroom floor and/or bathtub without harming the appearance of the surface. Do you have beautiful polished natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile in your bathroom? It’s simple to turn those slick tiles into non slip floor tiles with this easy DIY floor treatment.

All around safety for guests. Unless you plan to hand out non skid socks to every repairman, family member and visitor who enters your front door, you won’t be able to protect your property from the dangers of slip and fall accidents. Avoid that awkward interaction, and consider a non slip flooring treatment from the non skid experts at Slip Resistant Solutions. Our SolidStepCote anti slip floor coating acts as a sealer and can be used on any slippery hard surface. This clear DIY treatment is available in four levels of slip resistance and comes in matte or gloss finish. It even works on hardwood and laminate flooring, especially great on slippery wood stairs.

It turns out non slip socks do have their place… in yoga class! But when it comes to home or business safety, check out the proven brand of anti slip solutions at Or call us at 1-800-741-4024 and our friendly customer service team will match you with the right product for your needs!