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Business owners of all shapes and sizes understand the importance of keeping their work environment safe for customers and staff members. A slip and fall accident can create a mess of paperwork, legal fees, and worst of all, can bring harm to individuals most important to your company. If you have a slick flooring situation, it’s time to take measures to prevent an accident and boost safety at your establishment.

Safer industrial flooring

For a quick and lasting fix to your slippery floor, try SilCote AS from Slip Resistant Solutions. This product works especially great with slippery restaurant floors, slick garage or warehouse environments, or just anywhere that requires routine cleaning. While some non slip coatings will add grit under foot, SilCote AS is a smooth non slip paint on product, so you can easily clean those greasy or grimy restaurant floors without having to scrub cracks and crevices.

Let’s face it: a non slip mat can only cover so much surface area, and outfitting your team with non skid shoes is a headache. For other treatments to add safety to your commercial environment, visit You can also email us at and we’ll help you find the right non skid treatment to fix your situation.