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1. What kind of surfaces do you have products for? (the first group listed below will use the Slip Resistant Solutions Floor Safety Products)

We also have non slip coatings for the following surfaces: (if you have questions about these non slip coatings please click on the type of surface you have)

  • Concrete
  • Painted Concrete
  • Fiberglass boat decks
  • Fiberglass Bathtubs
  • Wood
  • Pavers
  • Any surface that has a slippery sealer on top. (not a silicone sealer)
  • The rest of these answers pertain to the first 9 floor types listed above.

    2. When can we walk on the floor?

    The floor can be walked on as soon as it is neutralized. It will be wet but not slippery.

    3. Is this a coating that goes on my floor?

    This is not a coating that goes on your floor. It is a process of chemical etching. It is so slight that it is not visible to the eye.

    4. How long will it last?

    The floors will be slip resistant indefinitely unless you put a coating over it. The coating can be a buildup of dirt and grease. Waxes will coat the floor. Sealers will coat the floor.

    5. Is this process dangerous for my pets?

    It is not harmful to your pets. Pets should not be allowed to walk in the area that is being treated.

    6. What safety equipment is required?

    The person doing the application should wear gloves and rubber boots. Protective eyewear should be worn. Long sleeved shirts and pants would be a good idea as well.

    7. How will I know how to do the process on my floors?

    Complete instructions are included in the package. You can watch a 10 minute video below.