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If you own or manage a restaurant or food service operation, you understand what it means to deliver a quality product in an often frantic, high paced environment. But sometimes such a hectic setting can be the scene for errors and accidents that can be harmful or even costly to your operation.

Maintain the service customers expect from your well-oiled machine and keep your operation’s bottom line top of mind by investing in a few workplace safety fixes. Here’s a quick list of three ways restaurant managers can implement and maintain a safer workplace for employees and patrons alike.

Stop the strain. Train restaurant employees on the proper way to carry and serve food and beverages. Advise employees to limit the number of plates and cups on one serving tray, as the heavy weight can damage posture, and over time, may cause other bodily damage. If your operation has the space, opt for stations where wait staff can place heavy trays within a close vicinity to patrons while serving.

Focus on your floors. Spilled beverages and grease can make restaurant and food service flooring a slippery mess, especially in the kitchen. Combine this slip and fall hazard with a fast moving crew, and you’ve got an accident waiting to happen! Add a simple cleaner degreaser product to your daily floor scrubbing routine to keep the grease from fryers at bay. Depending on the type, you may also consider increasing the floor’s coefficient of friction to reduce the likelihood of a slip and fall accident. Easy to apply DIY treatments exist to keep kitchen floors, entryways, and other flooring surfaces safe from such accidents. As always, keep floor areas as dry as possible, especially around water prone areas such as the ice bin or sink.

Don’t get burned. Train restaurant staff to always use the proper tools when it comes to the handling of hot plates and beverages. Provide servers with dry towels or oven mitts to bring hot items to the customer. Always ensure the wait staff members warn the patron about the hot plate before setting it down.

Your workers depend on you to keep the environment where they serve safe, clean, and orderly. A safe environment will help all workers focus on the most important aspects of your restaurant – the food and service. For more information about our trusted brand of floor safety products, visit