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As a hotel owner or manager, you know it takes many hands to keep your well-oiled machine chugging along. From the constant coming and going of hotel guests to the staff busily working, you have a lot on your mind. Leave the worry about hotel guest and employee anti slip floor safety behind.

You can keep your operation running smoothly with the right non skid products to reduce the likelihood of a costly (or even fatal) slip and fall accident.

Anti Slip Tile Treatment

At $89 per gallon, our unique treatment formula will treat 400 sq ft of unsealed tile, stone and/or porcelain flooring. This same amount equates to treatment of 40 porcelain bathtubs. This product is not a non slip tile coating; it is rinsed away completely after treatment. The friction is improved through chemical microscopic abrasion, leaving no change to the aesthetics of your surface to the naked eye. For hotel management with larger areas to cover, there's a $10 off price break per gallon at 10 gallons.

Easy coating

If you have other floor or bathtub surface types, we also offer our SolidStepCote anti slip coatings that bond well to any surface and are available in gloss or matte finish. One gallon treats 400 sq ft and costs $199.95 per gallon. For hotel owners with larger areas to cover, there's a $20/gallon price break when buying the 5 gallon pail.

Slip Resistant Solutions also offers other anti slip treatment options for other areas of hotel operations (degreaser for commercial kitchens, grip coatings for bathroom grab bars, etc.)

If you are a hotel manager, owner, or member of housekeeping, we'd love to help you find the right products for your floor safety needs. Call us at 1-800-741-4024 or visit