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We’ve talked with thousands of restaurant owners who have slip hazards due to grease, oil, and food waste in the kitchen. These contaminants are notorious for causing a slip and fall accident, but they can be eliminated by following our tips on how to clean a restaurant kitchen floor.

In most cases, simply cleaning the floor with the appropriate cleaner will eliminate the slip hazards in your restaurant.

Our tips on eliminating the slip hazards in your restaurant:

1. Clean the floor using our Cleaner/Degreaser following the steps in this article.

2. Using a separate mop for the kitchen and dining areas, continue to use the cleaner/degreaser in your daily mop water (no other cleaners necessary).

3. Determine if further non-slip treatment is needed beyond cleaning.

4. Use our tile treatment products to enhance the slip-resistance of your restaurant tile in any area.

5. Continue to clean with our cleaner/degreaser.

If you have problems in your restaurant and feel that you have tried everything, give us a call at 727.507.7777.