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Non Slip Sealer for Wood Floor

Slip Resistant Solutions offers a non-slip wood coating that works on unpainted wood or wood that has been painted or sealed.

This wood floor sealer is easy to apply, dries crystal clear, and provides safety with a non slip surface. It also protects the wood from the elements.

Indoors Solid Step Cote #2 is perfect as a non slip hardwood floor sealer. It provides a non slip surface and yet the aggregate is barely visible at all. If you want slip resistance that is ideal for outside, or areas that are exposed to water, then you can choose Solid Step Cote #3 or Solid Step Cote #4.

Solid Step Cote is applied with a sponge brush or a standard paint roller. It is easy to do. It dries quickly depending on the level of humidity. It can be recoated for a location that gets very heavy traffic.

This coating is also a protectant for the wood itself. What a perfect answer to problems like wooden walkways that get wet. Slippery wooden docks and or decks.