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If you have a silicon sealer or a wax on the surface this will need to be removed.

SolidStepCote can be applied by foam brush, roller (1/8” nap) or low pressure airless spray equipment (HVLP spray systems and a 0.025 inch tip). A gallon of SolidStepCote can provide protection over approximately 350 square feet depending on the texture and porosity of the surface. With larger surfaces a roller or spray application is recommended.

Stir fully or shake the SolidStepCote container thoroughly prior to use. If the base of the bottle shows a solid (opaque) white film, the bottle must continue to be shaken until it appears the same soft, milky white as the sides of the bottle. This step is very important as the non-slip aggregate which settles at the bottom must be evenly distributed throughout the solution to realize the maximum efficacy of the product.

Once fully shaken, allow the product to settle for 10 minutes or so to allow the bubbles that have been created within the solution from the shaking to settle. If you see bubbling on the surface when applying, allow the solution to settle for more time until this affect dissipates and then continue to apply. If necessary, bubbles can be “popped” when the solution is wet by blowing on the surface or applying air pressure (i.e. with a hair dryer). Note: Once dry, these bubbles become permanent.

The targeted surface should be completely dry and free of all dirt, oil or grease before application. If using the product in a bathtub or a shower, be sure to remove any stains or soapscum.

Just prior to application, give the bottle a fanal swirl to lightly remix the aggregate throughout the solution.

Pour the product into a paint tray or directly on to the surface to be treated. (Apply at first to a small test area to be sure that the application is working properly and the results look good.

Roll with a paint roller or apply with a foam brush. Apply the non slip sealer evenly back and forth over the surface. Be sure not to coat the non slip sealer too heavily and do not apply too much pressure on the brush or roller. Solid Step Cote is a self leveling product and will dry with a nice even finish.

The coating goes on easily and dries to a clear glossy finish. One coat should be sufficient for tubs and showers. Two coats are recommended for surfaces likely to encounter regular foot traffic with hard soled shoes. If a second coat is desired, allow the first coat to become fully dry to the touch (normally 15-30 minutes, depending upon ambient conditions) before applying the second coat.

The surface will be ready to receive regular foot traffic within 4-6 hours after final application. Allow 24-48 hours for full cure before subjecting the surface to heavy abrasion. Do not apply at temperatures below 50° F or above 90° F. When applying, avoid heavy buildup, puddling and overlapping.

*IMPORTANT: Liquiguard recommends a two-coat application to ensure good film strength and to prevent scratching, chipping or peeling, particularly in high traffic areas or surfaces that encounter intensive friction.


-Apply with a foam roller as it will encourage surface bubbling .

-Apply with a paint brush as it will often create a streaking appearance on the surface.

-Apply to surfaces that will be cleaned with a walk-behind motorized rotary cleaner.

-Apply to surfaces that will be buffed with a Diamond Pad or other abrasive tools.