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From the multi-tiered parking complex to a small parking garage, safety measures applied to this commonly trotted on slab of concrete are an essential part of your business’ overall safety plan.

Providing your employees and customers a safe parking space is just as important as a hospitable experience within the doors of your operation. Year round weather brings rain, sleet, ice and snow. Along with automotive leaks, the parking area where shoppers and staff park and walk can become a real slip and fall hazard zone with surfaces such as concrete.

There are many “quick fix” options available for business owners or safety professionals who hope to create a non skid surface at their property. However, most of these options, such as non skid tape or synthetic non slip mats, have a short life span and can only offer slip resistance in a small area. Instead of a drastic garage floor resurfacing overhaul, consider a simple non skid garage floor sealant instead.

Slip Resistant Solutions offers SolidStepCote, a clear, easy-to-apply garage floor sealer proven to increase the coefficient of friction on concrete surfaces. For garage applications, we recommend SolidStepCote Level 3 or Level 4, which will provide long-lasting grit under the shoes of your valued customers and staff. This anti slip floor coating won’t harm the aesthetics of your surface, and is available in clear gloss or clear matte finish.

Whether your operation has a slippery surface in an outdoor garage area, entryway, bathroom, stairwell, or kitchen area, we have a variety of products to increase traction and safety for guests. For more information on our unique line of non skid products, visit or call us directly at 1-800-741-4024.