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Stamped concrete pool decks offer a beautiful look, affordability, and the durability of concrete make this material a fantastic choice for these outdoor spaces. However, when sealed with a traditional sealer, concrete decks can become very slippery when wet! Whether your slippery concrete pool deck is sealed or not, you can use our non slip sealer for concrete to end the slip and fall hazard around your pool!

Non Slip Concrete Sealer

SolidStepCote is an industry leading water based, anti-slip coating that will bond directly to concrete. This easy to apply, easy to clean up formula contains a small aggregate and cures to a rough texture, but is crystal clear and available in a gloss or matte finish. Your pool will look beautiful, and your family and guests will be safe! Order SolidStepCote here and put and end to the slip and fall hazard around your pool!

Primer for Solid Step Cote

Already have an oil or mineral based sealer on your concrete pool deck? Add Unibond 110 as a primer and go directly over the existing sealer!