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We have anti slip floor coating products that work on the following surface types:

  • Concrete
  • Painted Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Fiberglass Bathtubs
  • Any surface with a slippery sealer (It can go over the sealer)
  • Man made marble, synthetic marble or cultured marble
  • Here are some questions that we get about the product for these floors:

    1. What is this product?

    This product is an anti slip floor coating. It is different from our other Slip Resistant Solutions products. It is to be used on the above surfaces. 

    This product is called SolidStepCote. It is a crystal clear, water-based, non-toxic and extremely durable product.

    2. Can this product be used outdoors?

    It can be used indoors or outdoors.

    3. How is it applied?

    It is like painting with a brush or a roller. Some call it a non slip floor paint.

    4. Is the coating shiney?

    Yes, the coating is clear and glossy.

    5. Can I have it without the shine?

    Yes, you can order in a matte finish. 

    6. What if I want more slip resistance?

    You can order this product in four levels. Level one is a slip resistant coating without aggregate.

    Level two is the most popular. It is a coating that has a small amount of aggregate in it but it is barely visible to the eye. (See photo below) This is a wooden stair that has been painted white and then coated with Solid Step Cote #2 for safety.

    Level three (below) is usually for businesses and consumers who want greater slip resistance. It offers a surface with more texture. Good for swimming pool decks.(See photo below)

    Level four (below) is the most slip resistant (like 50 grit sandpaper). It works in wet or oily surfaces. Common uses are factories, warehouses, auto repair shops, indoor pool decks, spas and stairs. (See photo below)

    7. How much do I need to purchase?

    One gallon will coat 350 to 400 square feet. We recommend two coats for a longer lasting results.

    One quart will coat 100 square feet .

    8. When will I need to redo this coating?

    The coating MAY need to be done in a year or two if you have a very high traffic area or you are using heavy equipment on this surface. We recommend the use of Unibond110 which is a bonding agent. This bonding agent will improve the bonding between the existing surface and the Solid Step Cote. This will improve the length of the time that your coating will last. Two coats will insure a longer lasting coating as well. One gallon of Unibond coats 1000 square feet.