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A slippery boat deck can sure cause slip and fall accidents. Not only is the fiberglass slippery but boating involves water, fish, horseplay, and sun-tan lotions or oil.  "No horseplay" policies can not be enforced at all times!  Slip and falls on boats are especially dangerous!

Our non skid boat paint is made especially for fiberglass and can be removed as easily as it was applied. This is an easy process and the coating dries crystal clear and shiny. It can be as slip resistant as you want it because this coating comes in four different levels of slip resistance.

The non slip boat paint can be purchased in either glossy or matte finish.  This is a very good fiberglass sealer that won't yellow or peel. 

Slip and fall accidents are certainly very common on boat decks. Every precaution should be taken to keep these accidents from happening