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Ceramic tile is a cost-effective way to add beauty to your favorite interior spaces. However, many home and business owners often pass over this classic surface option due to its slippery nature when exposed to water and other liquids. For water-prone environments such as hallways, entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, pools and hot tubs, there is a solution to turn ceramic tile into non slip flooring – without harming or altering the appearance.

Avoid the painful repercussions of a slip and fall accident on your property with the proven non skid formulas from Slip Resistant Solutions. Used in homes and commercial spaces for over three decades, Slip Zero is a microscopic abrasion treatment that allows the user to increase the coefficient of friction on their ceramic surfaces without changing its look.

While there are other microscopic treatments available on the market, Slip Zero includes a special neutralizer that allows the user to properly control and stop the processing of the solution. To learn about how to apply this simple DIY treatment, click here. What happens when you don’t neutralize? When you can’t stop the treatment, you risk altering the appearance of the ceramic surface. That’s why tile professionals and homeowners choose Slip Resistant Solutions for their floor safety needs.

Turn your favorite ceramic tiles into anti skid tiles with Slip Zero. After all, you can’t put a non slip floor mat in every wet area of your home or business! For more information, visit or email your questions to