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For thousands of years humans have used tile and natural stone as the preferred material for flooring. The beauty and durability of these materials make them a perfect fit for this application, but if you’ve read this far you probably know, some tile and natural stone can be very slippery when wet. With advancements in polishing technologies, some tile and stone can be slippery even when dry.

Ask any tile pro, or flooring center sales rep, what you can do about slippery tile and you might get a “deer in headlights” response. This is because most pro’s simply don’t know that there is a simple, yet effective long-lasting treatment option for any natural stone or tile floor. That is ok, we are working on reaching the masses!

If you have slippery tile or stone flooring, we have the product you need! It is called Slip Zero, and it improves slip resistance on tile and stone through a microscopic chemical abrasion which will not change the way your floors look, but will make them non slip! Read more about Slip Zero here, and do away with slip and fall hazards once and for all!