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Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and New Year’s. It’s the time of year when your home receives many visitors. With all that entertaining around the corner, shouldn’t your home be in tip top shape to safely welcome beloved family and friends?

The best place to increase the safety of your home are those water-prone areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen and entryway. Slip Resistant Solutions offers traction-increasing options for porcelain tile, ceramic tile, stone tile, hardwoods, laminates, concrete and more. That means non slip flooring can be yours with one simple do-it-yourself project.

For slick tile surfaces, the Slip Zero line is an affordable way to increase the coefficient of friction at a microscopic level. So your guests will still “ooh” and “ahh” over the aesthetics of that beautiful tile floor, and you’ll rest assured they won’t slip and fall.

All other hard surfaces can be made slip resistant with SolidStepCote. This sealer and coating is available in four unique levels of slip resistance, as well as the option of Matte or Gloss finish. Acting as a non slip paint, it’s an easy-to-apply treatment that adds gentle, silica-based grit under foot and won’t change the appearance of your slippery hard surface.

Protect grandma, aunt Bessie and all those beloved youngsters this season and beyond. Do you have a slick surface but don’t know where to start? We’re just an email away at