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Slip Resistant Solutions is excited to announce the rebranding of our 35-year-old product previously named Safety Floor Treatment. This unique product has been used to treat slippery tile, slippery stone, and slippery porcelain bathtubs all over the world with outstanding results. This new branding will offer better name recognition and allows us to more clearly demonstrate which formula is appropriate for any given material.

Since 1981 our tile treatment formula has improved friction on tile and stone floors in some of most well known facilities in the world! Disney, Hilton, The Smithsonian, Busch Gardens, Holiday Inn, and several US Embassies just to name a few. Reduce liability, and improve safety with Slip Zero – Tile Floor Treatment!

Slip Zero is available for purchase at wholesale pricing to encourage tile showrooms to offer it on the shelf to their customers, and also at the retail price on our website for consumers looking to resolve slippery floors online. If you are interested in our wholesale pricing schedule for Slip Zero contact us at