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On June 25th, 2015 OSHA released a memorandum for inspection officials relating to a short list of workplace hazards specifically for inpatient healthcare facilities. This effort is aimed at reducing the staggering number of lost workday injuries for employees in hospitals, nursing, and residential care facilities. The memorandum lists “focus hazards” that will now be “addressed during inspection, or if brought to the attention of the compliance officer during the inspection”. The list of focus hazards includes slips, trips, and falls, among others.

This applies to all Federal OSHA inspections conducted in NAICS Major Groups 622 (Hospitals) and 623 (nursing and residential care facility). The inspections will include recordkeeping, a partial walkthrough, and workers will be interviewed.

Nursing home and personal care facilities have the highest rates of “lost workday” injuries among all industries that report lost workday injury. Overexertion combined with slips, trips, and falls accounted for 68.6% of all lost workday cases within NAICS 622 and 623 for 2013.

How can you prepare for an OSHA inspection? With clear detail about the inspection process you can easily mitigate any issues related to slips by logging sCOF on your slippery floors, treating floors with low sCOF, and logging the sCOF after treatment. Keep all records including invoices for floor treatment products purchased with your logbook. Interview employees to obtain better information about which floors are presenting a hazard, and act on the information they give you. Keep details of this interview and any action taken with your logbook. Detailed records, and preventative action taken will go a long way to keeping your operation up and running, and to avoiding citation. Floor safety is not often considered until someone is seriously injured. Take the time to improve floor safety and do it before OSHA knocks on your door.