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Recent reports from the Occupational Health Safety Network (OHSN) indicate that inpatient healthcare facilities continue to see the highest numbers of reports of healthcare staff injuries resulting in days away from work. A memorandum from OSHA released in June of 2015 outlines the new guidance for OSHA inspectors for identifying slips, trips, and falls hazards via walk-through inspections and also by conducting interviews with staff members. This recent spotlight on STFs have many inpatient healthcare facilities correcting slippery floors proactively, both for staff safety, and for OSHA compliance..

“Injuries from STFs were also among the nonfatal occupational injury and illness cases reported in nursing and residential care facilities. Taken together, overexertion together with slips, trips, and falls accounted for 68.6% of all reported cases with days away from work within NAICS 622 and 623 for CY 2013” –

With STF related workplace injuries resulting in days away from work near the top of the list, inpatient healthcare facilities are being targeted for violations related to Slips, Trips, and Falls during OSHA inspections.

Many inpatient healthcare facilities are focusing on addressing these hazards by conducting a self-audit within their facility. A self-audit for slip and fall prevention would include a thorough inspection in areas where people are entering the building, in all areas where plumbing and water are present, as well as stairwells, patios, etc. Conducting a survey with staff members will also help you identify problem areas. Identifying a slippery surface is the first step in taking corrective action. Once identified as a hazard, note the material type of the slippery surface. Is it ceramic tile, concrete, epoxy, etc? No matter what kind of hard surface you are dealing with, we have the right product to bring the coefficient of friction up to safe levels. Join healthcare organizations in preparing for the recent changes in OSHA guidelines for slips, trips, and falls. Find slippery floors, and fix them before a staff member is injured, or OSHA issues you a citation!