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At Slip Resistant Solutions our entire business is about avoiding slip and fall accidents. We sell products to help avoid slip and fall accidents.

There are some things that will need to be done right at the time of the accident. First, of course, is to seek the medical help that is needed. Also, it would be important to notice the conditions that caused the accident. Could it be possible that there are some exact conditions that could be noted that caused the accident? Could the roof have been leaking, which left water on the floor surface? Could there have been a spill that had not been noticed yet? Was there a Wet Floor Sign placed in the location to let you know about the hazard? What was the condition of the lighting in the area? Taking photos if possible and making notes of any conditions that may have led to the accident will assist you in determining if there was fault at a later date.

Another thing to notice is if anyone nearby saw the accident. Was there anyone who could give an account of exactly what did occur? Get the names and contact information for any person who was nearby and could provide help later. It will be important to document the date and time of the accident, for future reference.

Get to your doctor right away to have the injury evaluated. Don't wait to do this because someone could say that you injured yourself later and are just claiming that you had a fall. Keep records of every doctor visit. Keep records of your mileage to and from the doctor and keep all medical reports. If you missed work as a result of the accident then keep good records of any expense caused by the missed work.

After you do a really honest evaluation of the entire accident and you really think that you have found fault with the owner of the property, then it is time to seek legal assistance. Take all the photos, documents, witness information and doctor reports with you when you go to the law office. Document any costs to go there. In some cases they will be able to help you recover your costs and maybe even punitive damages because the owner of the facility where the accident occurred does have fault. This is called premises liability. In some cases there will be no money to pay, even if there is fault. You might get a judgment, but no compensation.

No matter what.... slip and fall accidents are a very common source of pain, damage and even loss of life. That is why Slip Resistant Solutions, Inc. is in the business of helping property owners avoid slips and falls.