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So you’ve determined that you have a slippery surface that could pose a safety threat to those that use it. Can you fix a slippery floor yourself? Yes! Even though there are a wide range of materials (and sealers) that are notoriously slippery, there is a solution for every type of slippery floor.

There are only a few factors that determine the right product to fix your slippery floor. Today, we will list out the logical thought process to choosing the right product, and guide you to a non-slip future.

1. What kind of material is the slippery surface?

a. Unsealed Tile – Unsealed tile or stone can be chemically treated to turn it into non slip tile without harming the look of the tile, or compromising the ability to keep the floor clean. Knowing this, there are only a few variables that you should consider before selecting the right product.

i. Is the surface Polished?

ii. Is it standard ceramic type tile?

iii. Is it commercial grade or heavy duty use tile?

b. Sealed Tile, Stone, Concrete – Sealed tile, stone, concrete can be treated to improve the slip resistance with a clear anti slip paint designed to be slip resistance. Today’s anti slip floor coatings can really enhance the look of your floors while also providing reliable non-slip results. Knowing that your floor is sealed leaves you with a few considerations in the coating product.

i. Is safety a higher priority than the aesthetics of the floor?

ii. Is safety somewhat a priority, but aesthetics are also important?

iii. Are aesthetics a somewhat higher priority than safety?

iv. Are aesthetics a higher priority than safety, but something must be done.

c. Porcelain Bathtub – porcelain bathtubs can be chemically treated to eliminate the need for non slip mats or bathtub stickers.  This treatment will make your tub non skid in just a few minutes and will not need to be retreated!

i. Does a magnet stick to the wall of your tub?

ii. Do you have several bathtubs to treat?

d. Fiberglass, Acrylic tub or shower – All non-porcelain tubs and showers can be treated with a clear anti skid paint that contains an aggregate and has a gritty texture once cured.  This non skid paint will bond well to any type of tub eliminating the need for non slip bathtub mats or non skid tape for bathtubs which will mold and encourage mildew growth.

i. Do you just have one bathtub or shower to treat?

ii. Do you have two bathtubs or showers to treat?

iii. Do you have several bathtubs to treat?