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  • Avoid contact with skin
  • Wear vinyl gloves and rubber boots
  • Wear eye protection
  • Ventilate the treatment area
    • If ventilation is not available use a vapor-safe breathing mask

Before you begin:

Gather items needed:

  • Old towel – to lay out for tools and supplies for the job
  • Tank sprayer or clean bucket
  • Clean sponge mop
  • Rubber soled shoe for testing the floors
  • Wet vac or mop and bucket

Neutralizer - Mix the neutralizer powder with tap water in a tank sprayer or a clean bucket and keep on the old towel ready for use. The neutralizer solution will be used to stop the Slip Zero chemical reaction with the flooring material after the desired friction levels are obtained.

Neutralizer mix -

One tablespoon of neutralizer powder per quart of water


¼ cup of neutralizer powder per gallon of water

Establishing the “Dwell time”The dwell time is the amount of time you want Slip Zero to chemically react with your specific material. Slip Zero will continue to treat until it is neutralized. You do not want to over treat as that can cause aesthetic change to the floor. Establishing the dwell time will tell you exactly how long to wait before neutralizing. This will ensure a controlled improvement in friction while preventing any aesthetic change to the surface.

  1. Apply a tablespoon of Slip Zero evenly over a small test area in an out of the way location
  2. Start a stopwatch to track the duration of this test
  3. Slide the rubber soled shoe on the wet test area every 30 seconds until any noticeable slip resistance is achieved – between 3 to 15 minutes usually
  4. Add neutralizer mixture to stop the process and stop the stopwatch
  5. Rinse and dry the test area three times and visually inspect the tile
  6. If the shine has faded at all, repeat in a new test area and reduce the dwell time by 30 seconds until the desired dwell time is established

Treating the floor Now that we know the dwell time, we can confidently treat the remainder of the floor. Tip: avoid treating the test areas again. The goal is to allow Slip Zero to work evenly on the floor for the duration of the dwell time, no less and no more.

  1. Start a timer set to the dwell time
  2. Apply Slip Zero evenly across the floor following a pattern that you can retrace later
  3. When the timer goes off stop applying Slip Zero and return to the starting location
  4. Start the timer again set to the dwell time
  5. Apply the neutralizer along the same path that you applied Slip Zero, and at the same pace that you applied Slip Zero
  6. When the entire area is covered with neutralizer, use a wet vac or mop to pick up liquid
  7. Rinse and dry 3 times
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 on untreated flooring if you have more area to cover