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If you are lucky enough to be a residential pool owner, chances are you took full advantage of the beautiful summer weather this weekend. Hopefully you invited over some buddies, refreshments were served and fun was had by all.

As the season of splashing winds down, ask yourself one question: Is my pool patio or decking a slip and fall hazard for guests?

For guests of every age, the consequences of a slip and fall accident can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases, fatal. Residential pool and spa owners can protect their property and guests with a simple project – make your decking and patio surface non skid.

With over 35 years of non slip flooring expertise, Slip Resistant Solutions offers easy-to-use DIY anti slip treatments suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment. Natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile surfaces can be turned into non slip floor tiles with the Slip Zero line. With specific formulas for various surfaces, Slip Zero creates a microscopic abrasion to gently increase the coefficient of friction without harming the beauty of the material. At $59/gallon, which covers approximately 400 sq ft, it’s an affordable way to make your decking safer.

For all other slippery hard surfaces, SolidStepCote is a clear sealer/coating that effectively increases the coefficient of friction. Applied like an anti slip paint, this gritty, silica-based coating won’t alter the look of your surface. Unlike sand-based products that hurt bare feet, SolidStepCote offers traction without the pain for swimmers and sun seekers.

You and your guests deserve to step out on anti slip decking this summer and those to come. To check out the complete line of long-lasting non slip products, visit or email your inquiries to