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As the baby boomer generation ages, many children are left wondering which steps to take to offer the best elder care possible for their family members. Whether mom or dad are still living at home independently or nearing the need of home care assistance, there are ways you can proactively protect your parents. One of the best senior safety measures is to keep the occurrences of slip-and-fall accidents to a minimum.

According to an article published by the CDC, one out of every three seniors, aged 65 years or older, is involved in a fall accident each year. While the outcomes of such falls vary, the most common injuries involve head trauma or hip fracture, which can hinder a senior citizen’s ability to live independently. Unfortunately, in many cases, these injuries can also lead to premature and untimely death.

Tips to create a safer senior home

The threat of slips, trips, and falls loom around every corner, especially as we age. Deteriorating vision and loss of agility are just a few obstacles elderly people face while conducting everyday functions around the home. Here are some ways you can make your aging parent’s home a safer and more enjoyable environment:

Bathrooms. Senior safety is most commonly at risk in areas of the home that are prone to wetness, such as bathrooms. While rubber flooring and rubber mats can offer traction in these rooms, the space they cover is limited. Such non slip mats are also hard to keep clean and sanitary. Slip Resistant Solutions has a full line of anti-slip treatments suitable for every surface type – from stone and ceramic tile to bathtub surfaces.

The installation of grab bars and handles in the bath and shower is another simple DIY project that can offer safety for your aging parent. Provide an additional layer of protection with LiquiGrip, a crystal clear coating that can easily be applied with a foam or bristle brush to offer a grip of friction in the event of a slip.

Kitchen. Another area of concern for the aging population is the kitchen. Due to the many liquid and food spills that occur here on a daily basis, the need for safe traction on kitchen flooring is essential. Based on the material of your aging family member’s flooring, there are easy DIY treatments to etch or coat the floor surface. Slip Resistant Solutions’ treatments add friction to the most slippery of surfaces, decreasing the likelihood of a slip and fall accident.

Garage. If your elderly parent is still able to drive, keep the garage in mind when it comes to their personal safety. Garage flooring can be incredibly slippery from the leaks of automotive fluids and water tracked in from rain or snow. The worst part is – slippery situations on garage flooring are often unnoticed until it’s too late. For concrete surfaces, go with the proper non-slip coating, such as SolidStepCote Level 3. Use in conjunction with UniBond, a bonding agent and primer that promotes adhesion with one simple coat.

They took care of you, now it’s time to look out for their wellbeing. Increase the safety of your aging loved one’s home and enjoy many more years together. For more information about non-slip products to protect the elderly in your life, visit or call us at 1-800-741-4024.