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It is easy to fix slippery travertine floors, or pool decks!

If you do not have a sealer on your travertine tile, then you can use Slip Zero Level 2 to treat the travertine to make it anti skid. This product will not make the travertine pool look any different but it will make it safe. It is a permanent solution and it is our first recommendation for unsealed travertine. Putting a sealer on after using Slip Zero will counteract this treatment so if you absolutely want to seal the travertine, please read below. Slip Zero comes in gallons and a gallon will treat 400 square feet. Neutralizer is included with the shipment, also complete instructions will help you perform this very easy treatment in short time.  The travertine will be immediately ready for use after treatment with Slip Zero. (Frequently asked questions)

If you want a sealer on your travertine, then we suggest that you use our non slip sealer, SolidStepCote. This is a special sealer, which cures to a gritty texture to make pool decking anti slip. We recommend SolidStepCote #3 or #4 for swimming pool decks as a travertine sealer.  Areas that are not exposed to water can use level #2 in this anti slip paint.  SolidStepCote is UV stable and is widely used outdoors around pools and on patios where water is present!  It is applied with a 1/8" nap paint roller, and is ready for use in 24 hours.

To learn more about this non slip paint & travertine sealer, go to the non slip coating page.

Using either our no slip product for travertine etching or our travertine sealer will help you to avoid slip and fall accidents by creating anti slip decking around your pool or patio.

Travertine belongs to a larger family of stone called limestone. Marble is also a type of limestone that has had additional heat and pressure applied to it by the earth's crust. Travertine is formed by minerals dissolving in ground water and then being deposited on the earth's surface by rivers, natural springs, or geysers.

The beautiful colors that travertine comes in result from iron compounds found in the earth's surface.

Complete instructions will be included in the package.