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Does your facility have an area that requires special attention under wet conditions? Do you place yellow signs and rugs throughout the problem areas within your facility? Do you spend a fortune on non skid shoes for your employees? These practices have been in use for decades, but have done little to impact the alarming statistics on slip and falls. Luckily, for facilities management professionals who are in the know there is a solution for this dangerous problem.

Tile entryways, stairs, bathrooms, and hallways can be treated with our anti slip for tile product Slip Zero to create anti skid flooring without compromising on the look of the tile. Whether it is polished marble, porcelain tile, or ceramic tile, there is a formula for the job. This unique product is completely rinsed away after treatment and no coating is left behind. The slip resistance comes from microscopic chemical abrasion on the tile surface and the change is virtually permanent.

Painted concrete, metal stairs, pool decks, and any hard surface can be coated with our anti slip paint SolidStepCote, which is available in gloss or matte finishes and comes in four levels of slip resistance. For use on any decorative flooring, this water based anti slip decking paint is ideal in any environment, inside or out, and it looks fabulous!

Further levels of safety can be achieved through the use of our paint-on grip coating for additional grip on grab bars, or through the use of our treatment product for slippery rugs.

All of these solutions are simple enough to apply for in-house personnel to complete the treatment. The results are effective, and long lasting non-slip floors that look just as good, or better than they did before treatment.  Anti slip flooring is within reach!

From stem to stern, we have everything you will need to end that nagging safety issue on your to do list. Come see why Disney, Sheraton, The Smithsonian, and many more businesses trust Slip Resistant Solutions with their slippery situations.

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