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Thinking about applying a garage floor coating to make your solid surfaces easier to tread on? Make this weekend (or even today!) your time to add non skid safety to this important work and living space.

There are a variety of garage floor sealers and coatings on the market, but which one is suitable for your garage needs? Available as an easy-to-apply, clear, non slip paint, SolidStepCote from Slip Resistant Solutions gives home and business owners their option of slip resistance and finish. Choose between four levels of gritty, silica-based coating that won’t chip off (or hurt bare feet) like sand aggregate paint-on treatments. For garage floors that are extremely slick when wet, we recommend Level 3 or Level 4.

While some garage floor finishes will alter the appearance of your flooring, SolidStepCote is clear. Plus, users have the option of gloss or matte finish, so you can retain the look of your existing garage floor surface and quickly change it from a slick, slip and fall hazard to a safer, non slip material.

The upkeep is minimal with most users reporting the product lasting many years, even in heavily trafficked areas. If after some time you find that some areas are more worn and need reapplication, simply spot coat to that specific area. Unlike other products that require you to strip the sealer and completely recoat the entire surface, SolidStepCote follows the “less is more” approach, and can be purchased in small sizes to suit your first-time and follow-up application needs.

Already have a sealer on your floor? Consider Unibond 110, a unique bonding agent which encourages adhesion and long lasting results when used along with SolidStepCote. For more info, visit or email us your inquires at