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Is your sealed pool deck a slip and fall hazard for all who walk upon it? For households and businesses frequented by small children and seniors, a slippery outdoor floor can be a real liability problem. Protect your investment and those you love with an easy-to-use sealer that adds traction to your slick sealed pool deck surface.

With the choice of four varied levels of slip resistance, SolidStepCote is a coating plus sealer that turns your sealed patio surface into non slip flooring. The best part – it’s so easy to apply that anyone at any skill level can enjoy the anti skid results! For outdoor water-prone areas, such as pool patios or hot tub decks, we recommend Level 3 or Level 4 of SolidStepCote for the best underfoot grip. With the option of clear or matte, you can add shine or maintain that matte look you love.

For mineral or oil based sealers, we recommend adding Unibond 110 to your non slip game plan. This unique bonding agent offers longer lasting results when used with SolidStepCote.

For more info on non slip offerings, visit or email us directly at We have the solution to increase the coefficient of friction on ANY hard surface you have.