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Keep kids clean without slippery situations

As a parent, you know you can’t be there to prevent every fall your child faces. Whether it’s a rushed school night shower or a relaxed weekend bath, wet bathroom tubs and floors can be extremely harmful to your family.

Making sure your bathroom is a safe, relaxing sanctuary can be achieved with a few proactive steps, which in turn can keep you, your family and any additional house guests safe.

Focus on bathroom floor safety

From tiny toes to giant feet, a wet bathroom floor is a disaster waiting to happen. Keep the slip-and-fall accidents to a minimum by treating slippery bathroom flooring with an anti slip treatment, such as the proven product offerings from Slip Resistant Solutions. Ceramic tile, terrazzo tile, travertine tile, quarry tile, and even slippery polished marble, can all benefit from Slip Resistant Solutions’ permanent non slip flooring products. The best part – these anti skid products leave no visible changes to the floor material with the naked eye! So you can continue to admire the beauty of your bathroom flooring with peace of mind, even while those little ones are off scrubbing away!

Avoid bathtub slips

Slippery bathtubs can also be a real hazard in the home. Until now, most homeowners have relied on a non slip mat or anti skid bathtub stickers to keep family members safe while bathing. While these non slip tub mats and appliques may work initially, mold, mildew, and soap scum can build over time, creating a less than sanitary environment in what should be the cleanest room in your home. Slip Resistant Solutions has an anti slip treatment called Porcelain Bathtub Treatment , which can be easily applied in just a few minutes to reduce the likelihood of slips for a permanent change to the surface of the bathtub. With an easy DIY application, you can keep the focus on fun when baby and child bath time rolls around.

For more information on Slip Resistant Solutions’ etching products for home and bath, visit When you call us at 1-800-741-4024, a member of our family-owned business will speak with you directly, ensuring you’re on the way to a slip-free home.